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Rank# IP address Domain name Country Time of Last Access Who owns this IP address
1217.17.216.82DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:48:36Click Here States of America31/Oct/1995:09:34:37Click Here
3163.172.65.215DisabledUnited Kingdom31/Oct/1995:09:33:03Click Here
4185.53.244.244DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:30:02Click Here
5107.191.46.21DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:25:16Click Here
6108.61.211.141DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:24:43Click Here
7104.238.181.10DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:24:28Click Here
8104.238.172.108DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:23:59Click Here
945.63.15.247DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:23:02Click Here
10104.207.157.244DisabledUnited States of America31/Oct/1995:09:22:40Click Here

Visitors who had the most hits on the web site
Rank# IP address Domain name Country Total Hits Who owns this IP address
1104.238.172.108DisabledUnited States of America867Click Here
2107.191.46.21DisabledUnited States of America810Click Here
3104.207.157.244DisabledUnited States of America799Click Here
445.63.15.247DisabledUnited States of America789Click Here
5108.61.211.141DisabledUnited States of America787Click Here
6104.238.181.10DisabledUnited States of America730Click Here
7217.17.216.82DisabledUnited States of America668Click Here
881.93.249.99Disabledthe European Union228Click Here
9192.163.251.11DisabledUnited States of America175Click Here
10146.52.121.83DisabledUnited States of America166Click Here

Visitors who used the most bandwidth
Rank# IP address Domain name Country Bandwidth(Megabytes) Who owns this IP address
1146.52.121.83DisabledUnited States of America6.17Click Here States of America5.93Click Here
351.255.162.165DisabledUnited States of America5.06Click Here
495.91.45.174DisabledUnited States of America3.38Click Here
5176.9.10.227DisabledUnited States of America2.86Click Here
651.255.51.69DisabledUnited States of America2.56Click Here
7144.76.30.236DisabledGermany2.05Click Here
869.30.213.138DisabledUnited States of America1.71Click Here
9141.8.143.235DisabledGermany1.69Click Here
10176.195.118.106DisabledUnited States of America1.61Click Here

Visitors who spent the most time on the web site
Rank# IP address Domain name Country Visitor Stay Length Who owns this IP address
1217.17.216.82DisabledUnited States of America6 days 18 hours 33 mins 54 secsClick Here
2104.238.172.108DisabledUnited States of America4 hours 57 mins 59 secsClick Here
3108.61.211.141DisabledUnited States of America4 hours 38 mins 21 secsClick Here
4107.191.46.21DisabledUnited States of America4 hours 33 mins 40 secsClick Here
5104.207.157.244DisabledUnited States of America4 hours 23 mins 36 secsClick Here
645.63.15.247DisabledUnited States of America4 hours 19 mins 58 secsClick Here
7104.238.181.10DisabledUnited States of America4 hours 17 mins 14 secsClick Here
866.249.69.195DisabledUnited States of America4 hours 2 mins 17 secsClick Here
9141.8.143.235DisabledGermany3 hours 26 mins 42 secsClick Here
1066.249.69.247DisabledUnited States of America2 hours 25 mins 38 secsClick Here

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Rank# User Name Last Visit Time Visits PageViews Stay Length Bandwidth(Megabytes)
1Non Authenticated Visitors31/Oct/1995:09:48:36653926299 days 19 hours 53 mins 31 secs95.79